If you are a publisher interested in a review of a newly published children book I would like to work with you! We don’t sell “spots” in or blog and it’s impossible to “buy” a good review – but we love a good book as much as you do and would like to know more about your publications. Free copies for review are always welcome. To be sure your book can be reviewed on bookcastle.com, please send me an email at lena@landwerth.net. That way we can check if your book is already on the shelf of our personal library. But please know: Accepting a review copy does not guarantee a positive review! Anyway, don’t worry. Should your book be rated with two or less stars I’ll send you my review and you can decide, if you would like me to publish it. Any review copies sent to me from publishers or authors will clearly be indicated on the site as review copy.

I love my Kindle E-Book reader for my personal reading. It might be surprising that all our children books are paperback or hardcover copies – and I’m kind of glad that Finja can discover the world of turning pages before moving on to an ebook-reader… That’s why we prefer physical copies for review right now. It’s not possible for me to send book copies back to the publisher. I won’t sell these books – they will either remain for further review (and yes, reading 🙂 ) or will be donated to libraries or non profit organizations. Anyway, I know that most of the review business takes place online now – that’s why I am a member of NetGalley.

Please contact me at lena (at) landwerth.net for further information or a contact address!