We are a family of readers. Of bilingual readers. I grew up in Germany and moved to the states in 2010. My daughter Finja is one of the lucky girls to grow up with two languages.

Books in two languages? Yes!
Books in two languages? Yes!

My “bookworm career” started with “Tao Tao, the little panda bear” and continued with countless teenager horse books, young adult and finally novels. Even my professional career always brought me back to books, reading – and writing. I wrote short stories for a local newspaper during high school – yes, they were mainly about horses… Studying chemistry and biology in Munich it was clear, that my future wouldn’t be in a lab – I started working for an online science magazine and later started my own publication. “Pfotenhieb” is an independent magazine for cat owners and one of the first e-magazines in Germany. A personal dream came true when a publishing house in Germany gave me the opportunity to write a textbook for cat owners. The second book was following – and then the third, fourth, and fifth. As day job I coordinate social media activities for a charity brand.

But this blog isn’t about me or cats. It’s about children books – and for me that comes connected to our daughter Finja. It started right after she was born, as reading books to her in the middle of the night was the only way to keep me awake for a feeding – and was a good way to practice my English. By now Finja’s bookshelf is clearly dominating her room. So are the piles of book in and in front of her bed… This girl loves reading – and is more than relieved that she can finally start reading by herself. As a single working mom there never is enough time in the day. Spending hours browsing for children’ books is never lost time though!


Anyway, I realized that not every book could keep up to it’s cover text. Not every great illustration means an extraordinary content. And sometimes I just purchased a book to realize that it had to sit on the shelf for another two years. That’s fine with me, you can often find me curled up with another story book for elementary school kids at night – but maybe you are not as crazy and just want to find the right book for your child. That is what this blog is for: To help you selecting great, extraordinary books for your child.

Enter the Reading Castle and enjoy our countless rooms, shelves and books! Please visit our Facebook-Fanpage and @readingcastle on Twitter so you don’t miss new reviews and announcements. We also review through Amazon.

You can always contact me at lena (at) landwerth.net. We are located in the Pacific Northwest close to Seattle – please write me an email to find out our mail address.



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