„The snowflake mistake“ by Lou Treleaven

Are you excited about fall? We are enjoying red maple trees and the last warm late summer days here in Seattle. Finja is thinking ahead though and can’t wait for the first sled rides… Well, as it’s almost time to thinking of the Christmas packages that have to be send towards Germany we should better start getting into Christmas mood sooner than later!


Luckily, our stack of review copies included a sweet story that just didn’t feel right for summer but is the perfect companion for this time of the year: “The snowflake mistake” by Lou Trelaven, published by the UK publishing house Maverick Books.

Did you know that the Snow Queen is a real perfectionist? Every snowflake has to be perfect. The glittery white flakes are created by the snow machine but will go through a quality control by the queen herself. Princess Ellie is way different. The spunky girl likes to race with the birds, to ride storm clouds and sliding over rainbows. Ellie loves adventure. She is excited when the Queen has to go on an errant and leaves Ellie in charge of the snowflake machine. But the adventure is soon turning serious when the machine fails, and Ellie has to find an alternative solution to create snow in winter… Luckily, Ellie has the situation under control with thinking out of the box and creating her own unique snowflakes.


“The snowflake mistake” is a sweet story about creative thinking and problem-solving skills. Most children will be able to see themselves in Ellie, who might not meet her mother’s perfectionism, but has the ability to think out of the box. As parents, it reminds us to appreciate children’s creativeness and not fall into cookie-cutter-thinking. Finja especially loved the craft idea about how to make your own, unique snowflake at the end of the book!

“The snowflake mistake” was illustrated by Maddie Frost. Her bright illustrations make the book a fun read for younger children, too!

More information:
The snowflake mistake
Written by Lou Treleaven
Illustrated by Maddie Frost
Publisher: Maverick Arts Publishing
ISBN-13: 978-1848862180


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