Inside the Reading Casle

Were you ever wondering how we choose the books we review? Well, some of them are from our own book shelf. Some of them we get directly from publishers. And most of the books we review are from book marketing agencies like the team at Myrick Marketing and Media. Every few months we get a huge package with wonderful children’s book from independent publishers to read and review. What a fun thing to do! We really appreciate the trust the publishers and agencies put in us!

The newest book delivery is here!

We just got another huge book delivery – Finja already selected “The lost kitten” from Gecko Press. And guess what – she found the kitten! We also looked at the Nature Wall Book, which is a perfect companion to the children books about evolution we just read. Finja loved “Grandmother fish” and had so many questions. That on the other hand gave me the opportunity to rediscover my passion for science – over 10 years after choosing journalism over a career in the biology lab. We definitely have lots of fun with our book project!

Learning about evolution: “Grandmother fish” is one of the books I just couldn’t resist

Now I just have to get started on writing some reviews! Due to my day job in marketing and public relations for a company in Germany (plus being a mom, runner and such 😉 ) I never actually succeed in review as many books as I would love to. But we are working hard on reading and publishing our reviews soon!

…now, let’s get started 🙂 We’ll keep you posted! Until then you find daily updates on Twitter. Just follow us @Readingcastle!


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