„If I was a banana“ by Alexandra Tylee

Every child loves to play “What if” – and so do adults. Alexandra Tylee made a book out of this simple game, accompanying a little boy through his worlds of “What ifs”.

"If I was a banana"

“If I was a banana” is about a little boys full of wonder. Seeing a banana in a store display he asks himself how it would be to be a yellow, fat banana. When opening an encyclopedia, his imagination takes off, he fantasizes about being a mountain, “the one with the snow and the clouds and the rumbling volcano that never blows it’s top”. The imaginary journey continues with a bird with “huge wings and a long neck”. Drinking milk reminds him how it would be to be a cow who “feels like there is nothing more important than being a black cow standing on green grass.” Or, how would it be to be a spoon? The boy clearly enjoys his imaginary experiment – but after all he is most happy being himself:

“If I was a little boy
or a big one, which I am
Well, not really big but not really little either –
I think of all the boys I could be,
I am most comfortable being

The last page is the happiest and most dynamic in this book, showing our protagonist and his friends racing with the clouds.

"If I was a banana", published by Gecko Press

“If I was a banana” by Alexandra Tylee celebrates imagination and sparks curiosity and creativity. How would it be to be someone else? The book convinces with its simplicity and fascinates with poetic texts and timeless illustrations by Kieran Rynhart. It invites young readers of any age to daydream, being someone else – and, in the long run, promotes empathy for other beings while being content with being yourself.

A wonderful, quiet book for lazy afternoons!

“If I was a banana” was published by “Gecko Press”, an independent publisher from New Zeeland. According to Gecko Press, the publishers aims to encourage children to love to read, because “one good book can spark a lifetime of reading”. Books like „That’s not a Hippopotamus“ definitely make it easy for kids to find their love for literature!

„If I was a banana“
written by Alexandra Tylee
Age Range: 4 – 8 years
Hardcover: 32 pages
Publisher: Gecko Press
ISBN-13: 978-1776570331


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