„The messy book“ by Maudie Powell-Tuck

Some books are just like out of a parent’s life! “The messy book” by Maudie Powell-Tuck, published by Tiger Tales, is one of these – just like the title promises!


The jacketed hardcover book draws interest from the first page on: A painting cat, a cartoon dog full of expression and a big mess. There probably is not one toddler in the world who wouldn’t love this! Turning the first pages it soon becomes clear that “The messy book” is an unusual book: Speech bubbles and the expressive illustrations by Richard Smythe make it into a comic for kids. There is something to discover on any page and kids will love to observe how the mess takes its course…

The story: Cat made a mess and is oblivious to dog’s attempts to clean up. She rather shoves the mountain of scraps into one corner of the room, hides it under the bed, bounces on it… She even tries to push everything into the jungle and the ocean. Even the vacuum can’t hold the extend of cat’s mess. When cat is finally convinced that cleanup is the only way, her animal friends help and soon discover that the paper scraps are colorful pieces of a party scene. Unfortunately, the soon to begin party leaves another mess to clean up… Cat’s tries to get rid of her garbage in the ocean and the jungle may be tries to sensibilize children for environmental topics.

I should be honest: Reading comic-style books out loud felt weird to me at first. But it’s a fun way to read, especially when you are willing to use different voices! The simple texts make books like “The messy book” easier to read for beginning readers, too! Maudie Powell-Tuck found an unusual way to address a topic from every kid’s life: Cleaning up doesn’t seem like fun, but can be an adventure!

“The messy book” is a fun book that every parent can relate to and that children will love.

More information:

„The messy book“
written by Maudie Powell-Tuck
illustrated by Richard Smythe
Publisher: Tiger Tales Books
ISBN-13: 978-1-68010-037-2


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