The „Quack and Daisy“ series by Aileen Stewart

Author Aileen Stewart works in my dream job: She not only writes books and markets them herself, but also organizes children’s writing workshop. How cool is that?

"Quack and Daisy" are an unlikely duo!
“Quack and Daisy” are an unlikely duo!

Her series around duck Quack and cat Daisy shows that Aileen knows what children want. Quack and Daisy are an unlikely team – but they are inseparable from the moment they literally bump together on the farm’s meadow. Both of them like exploring the magic of the meadow, but soon thez have to discover that cats can’t swim and ducks are not good at catching mice. Does their friendship have a chance anyway?

Aileen Stewart’s book is fun to read aloud, my daughter loved the colorful illustrations of the big eyed cat Daisy and her funny friend Quack. The heartwarming friendship story has an important message: You can be friends with everyone – even with someone who is not like you!

Finja immediately wanted to know how Quack and Daisy’s story continues. Luckily she didn’t have to wait long: “Quack and Daisy – Beyond The Meadow”, the second part of the story, continues with another adventure. Mama Quack cautioned her duckling about going beyond the meadow. Sure this warning just motivated the adventurous duo to explore the outside world… Quack and Daisy start on a new quest, they admire wildflowers on their way out of the meadow, enjoy the breeze – and Quack finally gets to swim in a real river! But when the duckling isn’t able to come out of the ditch again the unlikely friends know they are in trouble…

“Quack and Daisy – Beyond The Meadow” comes with lots of action and cautions children to listen to their parents. Anyway, as an adult I also had the feeling that Quack and Daisy’s hunger for adventure was a little bit dampened in this second part of the story… Well, as parent of a four-year-old I know that there is no end to seeking adventures for our daughter though. She just started to explore the “outside world” without waiting for my permission to leave the house. So this story just came to the right time… 😉

What I really liked in both part of the story was the unlikely friendship of the grey cat Daisy and her yellow friend Quack. Friends are important for toddlers and preschoolers – and the books around “Quack and Daisy” put friendship in the focus!

The “Quack and Daisy“-books aren’t Aileen’s only publications. She loves writing about animals – a passion that she explains with growing up on a farm: “The fact that I chose to write about farm animals is directly related to the fact that my childhood friend lived on a farm. It was a magical place to visit and the place where I became a big fan of chickens and gathering eggs. The characters and events in Fern Valley are loosely based on people I knew and events my brother and I experienced growing up.” So make sure to check out her collections of short stories and other books!

More information:
Quack and Daisy” and “Quack and Daisy – Beyond the Meadow
by Aileen Stewart
ISBN: 978-1681877488
ISBN: 978-1682934869

Both books can be ordered on the authors homepage and on


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