„Leah’s mustache party“ by Nadia Mike

Are you one of these people who are happy to see kids with princess dresses, fairy wands and cowboy hats at the supermarket? Are you glad that your child is not the only one wearing rain boots on a sunny summer day with 100 degrees Fahrenheit? I bet that Nadia Mike’s children just are creative like this.

Leah's mustache partyWhy do I think that? Well, let’s just have a look at her newest book “Leah’s mustache party”, named after one of her daughters. Leah, the hero of this story, loves being a pirate for Halloween. Even more than her scary skull hat and her black vest she enjoys her green mustache, an extraordinary feature in a world, where four-year-old girls usually wear princess costumes or dress up as fairy… But why only wearing a mustache on Halloween? Leah decides to wear a mustache whenever she feels like it. A pink mustache while playing in the snow, a green beard when watching movies – Leah know what she wants. So why not have a mustache party for her birthday? Leah’s friends never heard about mustache parties. Most of her friends celebrate princess or fairy style, with pink dresses or crowns… But when the party finally starts, Leah is surrounded by mustaches. What a fun – what a cool party! What a special day!

„Leah’s mustache party“ is a fun little book about a girl, who likes having fun. Leah loves the extraordinary and she doesn’t care that her ideas sometimes aren’t cookie-cutter-ideas. Charlene Chua’s illustrations are colorful and fun and fit the message of this book perfectly. Don’t take life too seriously, have fun!

But be careful: „Leah’s mustache party“ might give your little one some great ideas about dressing up… I just finished reading the book to my four-year-old-daughter and am wondering if she might find my eyeliner tomorrow or will just go with a marker. I’ll keep you posted!

This book is available in Inuktitut as well! „Leah’s mustache party” was published by Inhabit Media, an Inuit-owned publishing company, with a head office located in Iqaluit, Nunavut. According to the publisher, Inhabit is the only independent publishing company located in the Canadian Arctic. “Our aim is to preserve and promote the stories, knowledge and talent of Inuit and northern Canada.”

Leah's mustache party

More information:
„Leah’s mustache party“
written by Nadia Mike
illustrated by Charlene Chua
Publisher: Inhabit Media
ISBN-13: 978-1772270815


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