“Sam and the construction side” by Tjibbe Veldkamp

Which kid doesn’t like construction sides? Sam is no exception. Every day, he stands behind the fence and watches the big machines – the steamroller, the cement truck, and the tall crane -in action. “What if I could drive those machines?” And one of his dreams comes true when he’s asked to watch the construction side while the workers are at lunch. Taking care that nobody will enter the side and call the cops in worst case? A piece of cake! Or is it? When a couple of older boys tell Sam that he’s “too chicken” to enter the construction zone he breaks his own rules – and discovers that he can operate the big machines he was dreaming about for so long! But breaking the rules comes with a price: Sam flattens a car, pours cement on the street and hauls up a police car… What will happen to the little rule breaker?

"Sam and the construction side" - a Dutch import kid's will love
“Sam and the construction side” – a Dutch import kid’s will love
“Sam and the construction side” comes with a surprising ending, that’s a little unrealistic for my taste. But, to be honest: Isn’t every child dreaming about entering a building yard, operate big machines and save the day? Even our daughter Finja, a girl through and through, was paying attention, naming the machines on side, concerned with the trouble Sam got himself into and surprised as well as happy with the sudden end of the story.

Let’s be honest: Even if the ending of the story will not suit our adult sense of real life and what a preschool aged kid can do, “Sam and the construction side” is a dream come true for every child.

The big format of this book provides enough space for Sam’s actions as well as the surrounding of the construction side. Young readers will love both – not only during story time, but in a “search and find” matter as well.

“Sam and the construction side” is another import by the Dutch publisher Lemniscaat. Please enjoy our reviews of “Playground” and “The other rabbit” by the same publisher!

More information:
Sam and the construction side
written by Tjibbe Veldkamp
illustrated by Alice Hoogstad
Publisher: Lemniscaat USA
ISBN-13: 978-1935954491


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