„The Big Book of Animals of the World“ by Ole Könnecke

It’s always fun to discover an English translation of a German original! I have to be honest that I wasn’t familiar with Ole Könnecke’s big books of words before receiving “The Big Book of Animals of the World”, published by Gecko Press. But the large-format board book was loved by our daughter and me right away. Is it surprising, as we both love animals and a trip to the local zoo is an important part of our week?


„The Big Book of Animals of the World“ is more than a simple book of words. Each page introduces a certain habitat as well as the animals living in it. Children are travelling from the Northern sea over the European alps to the South American rain forest, learning which animals live in each ecosystem. The illustrations are rather simple – but this is not a biology book and the friendly animals hold a toddler’s and preschooler’s attention for a long time. Elementary school kids can learn how to read, write and pronounce each animal’s and habitat’s name.


But more importantly: As „The Big Book of Animals of the World“ comes with less text, it invites to discover, wonder and discuss. How can you get stranded on a tropical island – and which animals will you meet there? What are the relatives of the spectacled bear, living in Northern America? What is the biggest mammal in the ocean? And what’s the most outstanding attribute of the anglerfish? And in which other book did you meet a giant octopus? The story around the animals of the world can grow and change every time you read, depending on your children’s age and interest, your focus, knowledge – and mood! What will it be today? A short biology lesson about the earth’s ecosystem or a fictional story about the mice, which appear on every page of this book?

„The Big Book of Animals of the World“ is a sturdy, extremely versatile book for parents and kids. It’s a great read-a-loud for babies, wonderful for curious toddlers and keeps the attention of active preschoolers. Emergent readers can discover the book by themselves. Parents will be surprised how many stories are hidden in a single book.

More information:
Board book: 20 pages
Publisher: Gecko Press
Language: English
ISBN-13: 978-1776570126


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