„The tea party in the woods“ by Akiko Miyakoshi

Do you remember “Alice in Wonderland”? Do you like surreal adventures and tales? Then you’ll love “The tea party in the woods”! What got me hooked up with this book and request a review copy over NetGalley were the unique illustrations by Japanese author and illustrator Akiko Miyakoshi. But the book offers more…

"The tea party in the woods" is a captivating tale
“The tea party in the woods” is a captivating tale

The beginning of „The tea party in the woods” reminds of “Little red riding hood”: A little girl sets out to bring a forgotten pie to grandma’s house. During her walk through the winter wonderland she comes upon a strange home. Curious Kikko can’t help but glance into the windows. What she sees seem to come right out of “Alice in Wonderland”: A bear in a coat? A dear in a nice lace dress? A stag in a tailored suit? Kikko can’t believe her eyes. And she can’t decline the invitation to warm herself on some tea and enjoy some delicious cake…

“The tea party in the woods” is a tale about a simple errant turning into a magical adventure. It also is a story about being trusted with important tasks – children can relate to the curious, but brave Kikko and let their imagination fly. And who doesn’t like to dream about an animal parade through the woods, a personal carnival?

Author Akiko Miyakoshi began creating picture books while studying visual communication design at Musashino Art University. Her unique illustrations are a feast for the eyes: Mainly black and white charcoal paintings with a hint of red and yellow complement this timeless fairytale: Illustration without overlay, leaving room for imagination. Reading this book as a digital version I just can imagine the beauty of these illustrations on paper. An absolute recommendations for children (and adults) who love surreal adventures!


More information:
„The tea party in the woods“
by Akiko Miyakoshi
Publisher: Kids Can Press
ISBN-13: 978-1771381079

From the same publisher:
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