Read your way around the world!

Some of you know that I started my journey as a Barefoot Ambassador a few weeks ago. I don’t work exclusively for Barefoot, but I absolutely love the company’s multicultural orientation and the chance to promote children’s literacy together with the engaged people from Barefoot Books.


Their new summer reading program is all about creating world citizen and connecting summer reading with tons of fun and learning about different cultures.

When I was a child, our German school breaks were just six weeks long, summer literacy workshops weren’t known back then – and I spent the summer reading anyway… 😉 That’s why I was so astonished to learn that children have one to three months of learning loss over the summer break. Summer reading workshops are more important than we think – but shouldn’t the summer be fun and full of new adventures as well? Who wants to commit to not only read a certain number of books, but to certain books as well?

I have a better idea for you: Why not travel the world this summer – with reading books? Let your child choose which books to read, pair the books with optional activities, learn about world cultures – and more important: Have fun!

My 30 minute workshop on May 12 2016 gives you some ideas on how to travel the world from your living room or reading nook, how to choose the right books (or let your child choose) and how to find fun activities to go with it. And the best: You can access this event from your home PC! No need to pack the kids up and drive to the library! And nobody will know if you are in your PJs or your toddler is running around with a princess dress.

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