“The storybook knight” by Helen and Thomas Docherty

“Leo was a gentle knight in thought and word and deed.While other knights liked fighting, Leo liked to sit and read.”

Leo is a knight – but he doesn’t like to fight. Leo would rather spend his time reading. Unfortunately, his parents don’t share his passion. They would love him to become a famous knight and send him on a quest to fight a dragon.


On his way to defeat the dragon he meets a griffin – and can’t believe that the terrifying creature with a lion’s body and eagle wings loves a good story as much as he does. He reads a book out loud once, twice and once again and leaves it with the griffin: “It’s yours to keep.” Further into his travels Leo meets a hungry troll. The clever knight offers the troll a good story in exchange for sparing his life – and ends up leaving without another book (“it’s yours to keep”), but in one piece. Through the hot, hot afternoon Leo finally arrives in an empty, messy town, full of waste of an enormous dragon. But do dragons love books? Do they like stories? Yes – and they are even willing to clean up their own mess for it…

Leo is a knight that doesn’t need a sword to win a fight. The clever, book-loving mouse makes his parents proud by just doing what he loves – reading.

“The storybook knight” is not only about the power of books, but a book that teaches children to stand up for what they love. The funny and heartwarming illustrations full of details are the perfect addition to the meaningful story. Not surprisingly: Helen and Thomas Docherty are a husband-and-wife author and illustrator team and already published one award-winning children’s picture book, The Snatchabook (Sourcebooks 2013), together.

We loved the pre-publication ebook of “The storybook knight” and can’t wait to read the final hardcover edition in October 2016!

Further information:
The storybook knight
Pub Date 01 Oct 2016
By Helen and Thomas Docherty
Jabberwocky Kids
ISBN 9781492638148

Note: This is a pre-publication review


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