„Going for a sea bath“ by Andrée Poulin and Anne-Claire Delisle

Leanne doesn’t want to take a bath. Taking a bath is way to boring for the active girl! Luckily Leanne’s father has an excellent idea: He runs all the way to the sea and brings back a turtle. A turtle is nice to look at, but not much of fun… Leanne’s dad has an even better idea: He runs back to the beach to return with two eels. And then does it again to bring three clownfish. And four seahorses… Soon Leanne’s bath is not boring at all anymore. Her tub is wiggling with shrimps, hermit crabs, sea urchins, anemones and starfish. When Leanne runs out of arms to organize her sea bath, her father has a “super-stupendous idea” – and adds eight octopus to the pool. But who can take a bath in a jiggling, jostling, overflowing mess? Soon father and daughter are ending up taking a sea bath – a real one…

"Going for a sea bath" is more than just a fun read!
“Going for a sea bath” is more than just a fun read!

The English translation of the French book by Andrée Poulin is almost everything you can hope for in a children’s book. It combines a hilarious father-daughter adventure and a funny counting game, learning about sea life with the colorful, lively illustrations by Anne-Claire Delisle. “Going for a sea bath” makes bathing and learning fun. Can you count the legs in the pool? Which animals have no legs at all? And which have eight? Why do hermit crabs live in empty seashells? “Going for a sea bath” is a book children want to talk about! The question is: What will YOU do to make bath time more interesting?


Definitely a great addition to every kid’s bookshelf!

“Going for a sea bath”
Text: Andrée Poulin
Illustrations: Anne-Claire Delisle
Publisher: Pajama Press
ISBN-10: 1927485924
ISBN-13: 978-1927485927


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