„Emily’s Tiger“ by Miriam Latimer

When you are parent of a strong willed toddler or preschool kid (or teenager) you know, that harmful situations like putting on shoes or serving healthy food can turn serious within seconds. Emily is a strong willed girl that knows what she wants – and what she doesn’t. She’s full of temperament and can turn into a roaaaaaaaaring tiger when something doesn’t go her way… And like most toddler parents, Emily’s mom and dad don’t know what to do. After a disastrous dinner with flying carrots and damaged plates Emily’s grandma shows up and surprises Emily with a revalation: She’s a tiger, too! But unlike Emily, grandma can control her anger. She shows Emily, that a relaxed and happy tiger is much more fun than a mad wildcat…

"Emily's tiger" is a book for strong-willed girls!
“Emily’s tiger” is a book for strong-willed girls!

Emily is a lot like our little girl. Finja loves tigers, so I was hoping that “Emily’s tiger” could teach Finja one thing or two about how to control her temper. Wouldn’t it be wonderful, if Finja could eat all her veggies and voluntarily get ready for bed just like Emily? It seems that our three year old was a little too young to understand the humorous message of this book though. She kept telling us about Emily “being a tiger on Halloween” and “grandma dressing as a tiger, too” and loved that her “hero” Emily was crashing her friend’s birthday party. No learning effect here, but a fun read anyway! Finja took the book to bed as she loved the illustrations and re-told Emily’s adventures again and again.

“Emily’s tiger” was published by “Barefoot Books”, one of my favorite publishers. Like most Barefoot books, “Emily’s tiger” is a high quality read, that combines colorful illustrations with a meaningful story. Definitely a book that’s fun to read and can teach children about controlling anger without being overbearing! Because, don’t we all have a temper at the end of the day?

“Emily’s Tiger”
by Miriam Latimer
Paperback: 32 pages
Publisher: Barefoot Books
ISBN-10: 1846865948
ISBN-13: 978-1846865947

From the same author: “Shrinking Sam”

"Shrinking Sam" by Miriam Latimer
“Shrinking Sam” by Miriam Latimer

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