“Bear in Sunshine” by Stella Blackstone

One of Finja’s first board books, „Bear on a bike“, was the beginning of her love for books. It shouldn’t come as a surprise, as “Bear on a bike” and the other parts of the bear-series convince even newborns with colorful high-contrast illustrations. When she was older, she was drawn to the rhythm of the text – and now she loves to use the illustrations in a “search and find” manner. We talk about what happens on each page.


Bear in Sunshine” is another part of the “Bear”-series and a long time favorite in our  library. The story is simple, yet educational and funny. The big, friendly bear discovers the seasons: He plays in the sunshine, sings in the rain, flies his kite when the wind blows, paints when it’s misty and builds snow-bears when snow falls. I never expected the concept of seasons to be hard to grasp for a child – but whenever Finja is confused about spring, summer, fall and winter we take five minute to read this well loved board book again.

Simple rhymes and the captivating colorful illustrations captivate newborns, toddlers and preschool kids and are funny and interesting enough for parents. I personally love Stella Blackstone’s artwork!

Bear in Sunshine” is another great read by Barefoot Books and one of the reasons I decided to join the Barefoot Team as Ambassador. This book has everything a board book needs. That’s why we reward it with five crowns for story and illustrations!

Bear in Sunshine

More information:
Bear in sunshine
Written by: Stella Blackstone
Illustrated by: Debbie Harter
Publisher: Barefoot Books
ISBN-10: 1841489239
ISBN-13: 978-1841489230


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