Excited about my first Literacy workshop!

Exciting news – I’m preparing my first Children’s Literacy Workshop on Facebook on March 28 2016!

Our daughter has not only one, but three favorite books. Anyway, I know that it’s not always easy to find the right book for children. That’s why I want to help bringing children and their favorite books together. Because kids who learn to LOVE reading are more compassionate and adaptable, risk-taking and goal-setting, open-minded and open-hearted. Reading is fun. Do you remember these magic moments of your childhood, curled up with a book, escaping to an alternative reality, learning about foreign cultures?

Barefoot Books is one of my favorite children book publishers. As a bilingual family we love Barefoot books’ multicultural background in combination with meaningful stories and fantastic illustrations. That’s why decided to work further with the great people from Barefoot an become a Barefoot Ambassador. I will be able to offer you videos and training about children literacy – from choosing the right book to reading to your child. My mind is already swirling with ideas and I’m preparing my first Children’s Literacy Workshop on Facebook on March 28 2016!

Why not creating an event every parent can access from home. No need to pack the kids up and drive to the library! And nobody will know if you are in your PJs or your toddler is running around with a princess dress… I’m excited about this new opportunity and will keep you posted!


Please note: My opinions are my own and my reviews aren’t sponsored by Barefoot or any other publisher.


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