“The King Cat” by Marta Altés

Marta Altés book “The king cat” is a picture book for children and adult cat lovers: “The king cat” convinces with humorous illustrations and tells a story of an extraordinary friendship and courage. Because sometimes first impressions lie and unlikely friendships grow into something special…

"The king cat" is a book about friendship and courage.
“The king cat” is a book about friendship and courage.

Every cat owner knows, that the cat is the monarch of the house. The tomcat in Marta Altés picture book “The king cat” is a textbook example for a royal ruler: He sleeps during the day, likes to lounge on freshly pressed sheets – or hides in a paper box. He insists on lots of time for cuddling and playing. And he is sooooo sweet! The life of the king cat is just great. Until a new member joins the family… And it’s a dog – dribbly and disgusting! He follows the king cat everywhere, including his litter box. He sniffs where he shouldn’t sniff. And he is dumb.

But the unlikely friends become just that: Friends. Because even with a dog in the house the cat is still king…

“The king cat” tells a story out of the life of every child and every cat owner. For children, real friendships rarely come with the first playdate. Friendships need to grown. And when a new family member suddently shows up, change takes place – and not for the worse! It’s important to keep an open mind. Adult cat owners love, that the protagonist shows every characteristic of a typical cat – and every spleen of the true ruler of the house…

For Finja, this books has it all. We got the German edition for our review in the Pfotenhieb-magazine first and she dragged it into her reading nook right away: “This is a cat book, this is for children, this is mine!”

“The king cat” is an enchanting book about cats and dogs, new family members, jealousy and being open for change. We loved the colorful, humorous illustrations and the message of this book and will give it five crowns for illustration and storyline.

About the book:
Publisher: Macmillan Children’s Books; Main Market Ed. edition
ISBN-10: 1447258983
ISBN-13: 978-1447258988
Visit the homepage of Marta Altés for a preview!


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