Little Free Library: Take a book – return a book

On a short taper stroller run Finja and I discovered something awesome: Not just one, but three new Little Free Libraries in our community!

Little Free Library - a great place to exchange books!
Little Free Library – a great place to exchange books!

A Little Free Library is a “take a book, return a book” book exchange. The most common version is a small wooden box of books – anyone may take a book or bring a book to share. Right now there are over 36,000 registered Little Free Library book exchanges in all 50 U.S. states and over 70 countries around the world! And these are just the registered Little Free Libraries…

I knew about the concept before, but actually never checked if there were any in our area – one reason might be that I prefer to read my personal books on my Kindle… 😉 Now that Finja grew out of some her board books it’s a great chance to exchange books!

…because let’s be honest, if your “reading nook” looks like this you have enough books to share. My husband were joking just yesterday: “There are three things our household has in abundance: Running shoes, camera equipment and books – all of them all scattered all over the house.” He could be right…



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