„The quiet book“ by Deborah Underwood

I have to be honest: We got the German editions of „The quiet book“ and “The loud book“ first – a recommendation from my favorite German book blog, „Kinderbibliothek“ (you can find Wenke Bönisch review of the German version here). The fun thing about living with (and in) two languages is that you are able to compare books. Sometimes rhyme and rhythm makes a big difference – and sometimes it doesn’t.

the_quiet_bookFinja loves “Room on the broom” – and we didn’t like the German edition at all. Somehow it just didn’t sound right… “The quiet book” and it’s companion, “The loud book” are just two of the books I like the same in both languages. Maybe it’s because of it’s relatively short, poetic and peaceful lyrics?

The book captures many quiet moments during the day, from a shy “pretending you are invisible quiet” over a strict “sleeping sister quiet” to the content “lollipop quiet”. Because “There are many kinds of quiet:
Quiet can be delicate.
Quiet can be thundering!
Quiet can be sweet, and cozy,and can most definitely help you fall asleep.”

“The quiet book” won lots of prices, for it’s content and the soft pencil illustrations of bears, rabbits, fish, birds, and iguanas. The illustrations are stunning – especially when you look at the development from a pencil sketch to a digital coloring.

I liked the idea of “The quiet book” and as I’m always searching for books to calm down our active preschool kid in the evening it seemed like the perfect book for us. “The quiet book” is different. Unfortunately, Finja just couldn’t connect to it. It seems some of the described situations just exceeded her experiences – she just never had a surprise party and never dropped her lunch tray at school. The illustrations are sweet and funny, but not engaging and probably just not lively enough for her personal taste… Even “The loud book” couldn’t persuade her. That’s why we give the book four crowns for it’s creative content and four crowns for it’s illustrations. The idea is great, the realization is as well – but somehow something is missing.


More information:
Publisher: HMH Books for Young Readers
Language: English
ISBN-10: 0547215673
ISBN-13: 978-0547215679


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