“The Tear Thief” by Carol Ann Duffy

I have to admit: I love barefoot books. The only reason I didn’t start an ambassador business until now (Update March 13 2016: I’m finally an ambassador, information coming soon!) for this great publisher is that I’m really really really bad at selling – and that even goes for books. But I love their stories, their illustrations, that their books are more than a standard fairytale, that they bring the mystic and fascination back to books and let kids and parents step into a story.

1322594One of our newer acquisitions, “The tear thief”, is a modern fairytale, dreamy and poetic in the same way – and: a great goodnight story! Because, let’s be honest, who doesn’t know the tears around bedtime? If it’s the wailing during washing hair, the tantrum when the little one want’s chocolate as bedtime sweet, fighting between siblings or little boo-boos: The tear thief catches children’s tears. They turn into jewels, when she puts them in her little sack. But the most precious are the tears of pure sadness…

The tear thief lives “in every place where children cry”, is “old as joy and sorrow” – and is a wonderful, magical and modern fairytale for every child. And their parents!

The story is a little sad, but brings a smile to my face every time we read it. Finja reacts in a similar way, no matter how big of a tantrum she’s throwing and how “not sleepy” she feels before bedtime.


Illustrations: Five crowns
Story: Five crowns

More information:
Written by: Carol Ann Duffy
Illustrated by: Nicoletta Ceccoli
Publisher: Barefoot Books; Pap/Com edition (October 1, 2011)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 1846866227
ISBN-13: 978-1846866227


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